Seven Days Unplugged: The Value of Disconnecting

I did not know that it was possible. I thought it was going to be a real struggle, but it was not. I do not miss it and I actually do not want to go back to it. What is “it”? Social Media. YES!  Social Media. I have been unplugged from Social Media for seven days.  No Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter…nothing. The only Social Media site I used was Periscope because of my commitment to broadcast every morning.

You may be wondering why an online based business would unplug from Social Media, especially when the social networks are how we generate leads and revenue. Well…it was not my decision. Allow me to explain. During my morning prayer time, I heard the Lord tell me to unplug.  Ok, no biggie.  I have had to unplug before so I did not hesitate to unplug again. During Lent season this year, I gave up the television so unplugging was easy for me.  I barely watch television anyway except for my DVR’d shows. No problem, so I thought.  WRONG! When God said unplug, this time He meant from all of my Social Media accounts both personal and business. (Insert gigantic gasp with a long dramatic sigh)

After a slight meltdown, I gave God every excuse I could think of as to why this was not a good idea. I explained to God that this was how I generated revenue and got my business out there to new people. Yes, I tried it. As if God did not know all of this already.  God quickly reminded me that He is my lead generator. So, of course, I unplugged and it was wonderful!

For seven splendid days, I filled my mind and spirit with positive things. I was intentional with what I read, what I heard, and what I consumed. For seven splendid days, I was not obsessed with likes, comments, and retweets.  For seven splendid days, I was not concerned about who followed and/or unfollowed me. For seven splendid days, I prayed and fasted with great results. I can not remember the last time my mind was so clear. PURE BLISS! There was no negativity in Traceyland and it felt great. Alas, I have to return to Social Media, but it is funny that I really do not want to go back. I thought I would be unable to stay in this sweet space of tranquility and peace once I returned. (Kanye Shrug) WRONG AGAIN!

Social Media has its pluses; however, just like anything else in life, there are some instances that make Social Media a challenge. I can keep my peace, tranquility, and clarity by disconnecting from the negative nuances on my feed. The unfriend and block buttons are amazing tools. Use them. You will thank me later.

Allow me to share a few of the valuable things I learned and gained while being unplugged. I hope you will see the value of disconnecting.


I slept soooooooo good.  I went bed earlier because I had no status to update nor did I get caught in the vortex of videos that automatically play after you watch the one video that you really wanted to see. You know what I am talking about. All I wanted to see was a baby eating lemons for the first time and next thing I know, five hours have passed. Now, I know how to combat this. When I return to social media, I will set up a timer and log off when the time is up. This will help me to focus on my work and not overextend myself.


Surprise! People actually do exist outside of a computer screen.  Yeah, they talk and everything! Go figure. Seriously, it was nice to be able to be around real people and have in-depth conversations with no hashtags. What was really great was none of us were on our phones while we were together enjoying life. It is a pleasure being around people who make you forget to look at your phone. I have added a new goal. I am making it a priority to get out and interact with people in real life intentionally. This should be interesting (introvert challenge).


Being unplugged allowed me to think clearly and be creative. There was no clutter for me to connected to my mind during this time. Fresh ideas sprung up like a spring flower blooming for the first time. My focus was on God and what He had to say. Oh boy did He have a ton of things to say! It was refreshing. I was reminded of how I enjoyed what I call my date nights with God. Now, when I block time on my calendar daily for prayer. I have to be honest, these are the best dates I have ever been on.

These are just a few examples. In order to keep this blog from being a novel, I will not share everything. Just know that in seven days, so much has changed for the better. There is value in disconnecting and the value is priceless.


EmPOWERed Action: This week, set aside fifteen minutes each day to unplug from Social Media. Take this time to reconnect with people and yourself.

Tracey Massey is a servant leader whose assignment is helping others live an emPOWERed life. She is a Certified Life Coach, speaker, and founder of Living My EmPOWERed Life LLC a service based company teaching women how to slay life without apology. Rooted in faith, Tracey is known for her method of teaching others how to overcome roadblocks with action. Her triumphant testimony recharges your hope for the future. Get plugged in with Tracey to start living the emPOWERed life that you deserve.


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