Old School Thunderstorm Logic

There has been a good bit of thunderstorms popping up in my area the last few weeks.  This is nothing new, especially when it is spring/summer time in the south.  Sometimes, the storms appear out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they came. These storms brought back a memory from my childhood that made me chuckle.  Let me explain.
My mother was old school and from the south.  If you grew up in the south, you will relate to what I say next. Whenever there was a thunderstorm, my mom required me to turn off and unplug everything, move away from windows, hang up the phone if I was on it, and sit still in silence because “The Lord was speaking”.  This would not be so bad if it wasn’t 1000 degrees mixed with southern humidity.  I had to sit in total silence with no air circulating.  Not even a fan.  I’d be dehydrated and 3000 pounds lighter by the time the storm passed!  Sorry…had a flashback there… Transparent moment:  To this day, I still will not talk on the phone when there is a storm. Depending on how bad the storm is, I will turn the TV off AND unplug everything (don’t judge me.  LOL)
I can imagine God getting a good chuckle out of mommy’s thunderstorm logic.  Although sitting still, in the dark, in 1000 degree heat/humidity was not a pleasant experience, I see the value in doing this now that I’m older.  I’m not sure if my mother realized what she was teaching me.  When ever a thunderstorm would arise, mom would always say “Be quiet because the Lord was speaking.”  At the time, I thought this was her way of keeping me quiet and out of her way, but now I see the wonderful lessons.
When the storms of life pop up, instead of running from the storm, I learned to disconnect from all of the distractions and reconnect to the One who gives me peace in the midst of the storm.  Unplugging the television and hanging up the phone has taught me how to remove the chatter of others.  When going through things, people will do their best to give advice.  Sometimes it is great advice, sometimes it is not.  Unfortunately, sometimes people will say things to keep us off track.
Moving away from windows and sitting in the dark taught me how to place my focus not on the storm but on God the Creator of the storm.  Now, you may be thinking, this is so easy to do when everything is all good.  Yes, that’s true; however, when putting the focus on God and His goodness, the raging storm turns in to a drizzle.
Being quiet taught me how to listen.  Sometimes, God speaks in a still small voice.  A voice so quiet that if my mind is occupied with distractions, I don’t hear Him.  There have been moments when I was having an all out melt down during my prayer time and heard God say ever so softly, “I got you”.   That moment of comfort changed my entire attitude about what I was going through.
Sitting in the heat taught me how to be resilient and to appreciate the storm passing.  (Insert shout right here). Have you ever noticed what the sky looks like after a storm?  The sun shines brighter and the clouds look fluffy. Every once in awhile there will be a rainbow which I believe is a reminder that God is always with me.   For instance, if I had never been sick (a storm), I would have never known God to be my Healer.  If I had never been homeless and broke (a storm), I would have never know God to be my Provider.  If my daughter had not died (a storm), I would have never known God to be my Comforter.  NO, I’m not saying that you have to go through tragedies in order to know God.  What I am saying is there is a blessing in every storm and God is ALWAYS with us no matter what.
Thank you, mommy for teaching me these valuable lessons.  You have equipped me to be able to tell my storms about my God and HE is AWESOME!
EmPOWERed Action:  Now it’s your turn.  Grab your journal and create a space for you to disconnect from your distractions.  No TV.  No cell phone.  No internet.  Listen for the Lord to speak and write down what He says. Incorporate this quiet time into your daily routine.

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