End of Year Burn Out

I have to admit 2016 will go down as a super productive year.  I have met people that I never thought I would meet (stay tuned for that blog) and I had the opportunity to go home after twenty something years.  I have slayed every goal that I set at the beginning of the year.  WHEW!  Sista is tired!  With the holiday hustle in full swing, tying up loose ends on my 9-5, running a business, and planning a retreat, I am starting to fell a little burned out.  Are you surprised about my revelation? Here’s the thing.  I am a firm believer in self-care, vacations, and life pauses; however, this year was different.  I took breaks here and there and I absolutely got my naps in, but as far as taking a week or two off to just chill was foreign.  Now, I am paying for it.  So, what am I going to do to change this?

Since I have already started working on my goals for 2017, I am confident in my decision to take a week off to relax, recharge, and take care of me.  I am actually looking forwqtq80-5L5n6Tard to spending the day in my pajamas reading and vegging out on my DVR.  The word “No” will be used often and without an explanation or apology.  One of the goals I have set to slay in 2017 is to stop and smell the roses. I promise to take more time out for my mental and physical health.  I promise to not be so busy with the things of life, that I forget to enjoy the days of my life.  What sense does it make to slay all of my goals, but be too tired to enjoy the fruits of my labor?  None whatsoever.  I refuse to be busy and not be productive.  I refuse to get to a place where life becomes a chore.

As I prepare for 2017 and my week long vacation, I am excited about what is to come.  Knowing that I can pause makes me feel better about the new year.  I do not have to attend every event, I do not have to be everything to every body, and I do not have to explain why I choose to have some me time.  Hopefully, this time next year, my “me time” will include me on a white, sandy beach with a new Passport stamp.  Oh I can not wait to write a blog from the beaches of Fiji or from Dubai.  Take some time out for you to recharge.  You deserve a break today.

EmPOWERed Action: Take at least fifteen minutes for your each day to clear your mind and recharge your spirit.


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