Who is in Your Network?

This week, I have had the pleasure of speaking with some fellow entrepreneurs and one phrase kept coming up
in our conversation “Your network is your networth”.  This phrase usually applies to creating commas in ones bank account, but I began to think about how it could be applied to every day life.  I began to think about the people in my network.  I thought about each individual’s characteristics, how long they have been in my life, and how they have influenced me.  Each individual had different qualities that have helped to shape me into the woman I am today.  I noticed that my network got smaller at different stages of life.  Even though the number got smaller, chs-mainstreet1the quality of the network got better.

Your network should consist of individuals who have a positive influence in your life.  They should be able to propel you to higher heights and even challenge you to do better.  They applaud and encourage your growth.  They motivate you to try one more time when you want to throw in the towel.  They help to enhance your quality of life.  When you have a solid network, your networth (joy, peace, health, wealth) increases.

Never be afraid to make adjustments when necessary to your network.  Evaluate your friendships, associations, and connections.  If you see that you are not progressing, it may be time to downsize.  Your network is too valuable!


EmPOWERed Action:  Make a list of the people in your network.  Write down what it is that keeps them in your inner circle.  Evaluate each relationship on a scale of 1-5 (5 being positive influence and 1 being a negative influence).


Too Much? Girl Bye!

While having lunch with a friend, I had a scary thought.  One that could have derailed everything that I have been working so hard to achieve.  My heart began to race, tears began to fill my eyes, and I felt a huge lump in my throat. Thank God my friend was there with a quick “Girl bye” to snap me back to reality because I was headed to left field and fast.  I actually thought, “Am I doing too much?”

What brought about this question was my friend and I discussing goals for 2017.  I had expressed some mighty big things that I wanted to accomplish.  One of them being the Recharge Retreat on August 18th-20th (insert pause here so you can save-the-date.  See what I did there? hehehe)  The majority of the things I would like to accomplish are things that will take me2016-01-17 12.51.55 way out of my comfort zone and will require a great deal of work.  Am I afraid of a little hard work? Nope.  What I do fear is taking on too much and getting overwhelmed.  Then, my friend uttered those two powerful words, “Girl Bye”.  Those two words reminded me of who I am, what I do, and Who has given me the strength to do all things.

When I got home, I pulled out my journal and sat in front of my 2016 vision board. Doing this helped to compare the plan that was written in my journal to what was placed on my 2016 vision board.  I use these tools as a road map to make sure I continue on the right goal slaying path.  Each goal set for 2016 has two things attached to them: 1. a plan and 2. a time line. One of the most important things about setting and slaying goals is that you have to be smart.  I don’t mean smart as in how intelligent you are, but SMART as in Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely (we will get into setting and slaying SMART goals at a later time).  Seeing what was written helped to take away the anxiety that I had felt earlier in the day.  I could see the goals that had already been slayed (reached, surpasses, accomplished, checked off, done…) and how far I’ve come since the beginning of the year. Now, there is a renewed strength to keep going.  There is an excitement about what is yet to come and I realize that my friend was right.  I had not taken on too much, I had just stepped out of my comfort zone.  Staying comfortable is not an option when there are goals to slay.

Has anyone ever told you that wonderful things happen outside of your comfort zone?  Yeah, it’s true!  You discover things about yourself that you never knew.  You learn that things you once thought were impossible are actually possible.  You learn that with proper planning,  you don’t get overwhelmed and you are able to get more accomplished.  YOU CAN DO IT!  Ready…Set…LIVE!!!

EmPOWERed Action:  Write down three goals that would cause you to step out of your comfort zone.